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Log collection and analysis is crucial to cybersecurity. As any Captain of the Star Ship Enterprise will rightly tell you, the Captains Log is a way to help establish where you have been and where you might be going. In the same way, logs tell you what's happening within your system and can help you... Read more


Despite a concerted effort by security professionals around the globe, cyberattacks and hacks continue to take place with alarming frequency. As such, cybersecurity is a hot topic. But the question remains - how do you make sense of the cybersecurity data and layers presented on a daily basis?... Read more


Welcome to Logging 101. Logging is an important part of IT operations. Every operating system, network device, and application is capable of producing logs. However, many organizations don’t take advantage of the rich data that can be obtained from logging. Here are a few ways in which logging can b... Read more

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