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A new layer in the stack

An aggregated solution that streamlines IT Security, so you can spend more time investigating and remediating true threats.

DefenseStorm helps IT Security teams detect cyberattacks, manage security incidents, and measure compliance with cybersecurity IT policies.


C-level reporting across every IT system that demonstrates your policies are being met, so you can manage risk effectively.

Incident Workflow

Built-in processes for better incident management and faster resolution

Incident Resolution Type

Track whether your Service Level Agreement (SLA) was met and which policies were violated

SLA Alerts

Automatic alerts remind you when incidents are not resolved within your SLA timeframe, so that nothing falls through the cracks

Dashboard Metrics

At a glance visuals show how your team is performing
  • Pipeline Dashboard: The most important data points for measuring Events, Alerts and Incidents – quantity, type, severity and associated Policy
  • Incident Velocity Dashboard: Metrics that tell you Time in Triage, Time to Resolution and False Positive Rate

Policy Reporting

Know how well your Policies are being covered
  • Policy Coverage Report: Track which Policy line items have linked Alerts so you know that your Policies have been implemented correctly
  • Policy Incident Report: Determine which policies have the most violations

The average cost of a breach in the US is


- Ponemon Institute, 2015 Cost of Data Breach Study: United States

Analytics Driven Security

Real-time threat detection and remediation using Big Data analysis. All your data is in one place, viewable from easy-to-use dashboards.


Anomaly detection through machine learning algorithms, so you can detect when something strange happens in your network, using behavior-based pattern recognition historical data


Automatically aggregates threat intelligence feeds to find known bad actors (IP, automatically check if Domain Name, File Hash) have affected your network now or in the past

Search Capabilities

Up to 120x faster queries for more agile threat investigation

Big Data Capabilities

Ability to handle all of your disparate, unstructured data sets so that you can detect more threats and have the structured data you need to resolve them quickly

Event Dashboard

Configurable dashboard to visualize your events at a glance so you have a view across your entire network

Alert Investigation Tools

View events and drill into data flow, so you can determine if there is an incident that needs remediation

  • Pivot Search: Drill into activity for a specific IP address across your entire network
  • Natural Language Query: Investigate without needing complex search language
  • Reputation Search: Point and click reputation look up for external IP addresses, domain name and file hashes

Incident Management Tools

Manage end-to-end issue detection and resolution

  • Incident History: Every note, file, search and incident update is captured so that you have a complete record to refer back to
  • Incident Watcher : Stakeholders can monitor progress on key concerns

Cybersecurity is the

#1 risk

to financial markets

- Depository Trust & Clearing Corporation (DTCC), 2015 Systemic Risk Barometer Study


24/7 Support from security experts with deep understanding of the challenges confronting FIs in today’s digital world.

Built-in Best Practices

  • Policies: Built-in policies for Cybersecurity, firewall, Windows, Network, Physical
  • Alerts: Built-in alerts that are linked to policies for Windows/Mac/ *nix environment, network infrastructure, client PCs, Core system, BYOD, wireless networks, perimeter security

Expedited Onboarding

White glove on-boarding process to ensure a speedy and hassle-free launch
  • Security Assessment: Full review of IT, Policies, Controls and Procedures


  • Security experts to monitor your network for anomalies and threats
  • Assistance in investigating uncovered threats
  • Advice and recommendations on how to better secure your network from DefenseStorm’s security ops team


  • An online community of peers
  • Security best practices from DefenseStorm
  • Actionable recommendations for the most important security bulletins via Connect
  • Share and learn with your peers via Connect
  • Carefully curated industry content to help filter out the noise

Geodo, a malware family that includes a credential-stealing email worm, was found


more in the financial sector.

- Raytheon/Websense

It's time for a new approach to cybersecurity.

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