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DefenseStorm is a Security Data Platform that watches everything on your network so you can sleep at night knowing that you are secure.

Formed by bankers and fintech experts, DefenseStorm unifies your ground and cloud logs into a single place to manage cybersecurity data. DefenseStorm aggregates event data across all cybersecurity tools and links policies to real-time alerts, so that financial institutions can prove to regulators they are both secure and compliant with evolving FFIEC cybersecurity requirements.

DefenseStorm unifies detection, investigation, reporting and compliance

"Cybersecurity today requires companies to deploy comprehensive, state-of-the-art alert management systems, completely integrated into a well-defined workflow that can be actively managed. This capability, combined with DefenseStorm’s customer information sharing network, has given us the best next-generation system available.”

Jim Brockett, Chief Information Officer, Washington Trust Bank

Built for Banks

Designed by financial security experts, trusted for all industries

  • Built in policies, alerts and best practices recommended for Financial Institutions based on the FFIEC Framework and Cybersecurity Assessment Tool (CAT)
  • A community of peers focused on cybersecurity best practices, solutions policies and regulations
  • DefenseStorm’s ‘out of the box’ approach and intuitive design means that your team will be up and running with minimal configuration and training


C-level reporting across every IT system that demonstrates your policies are being met, so you can manage risk effectively

  • Proof that breaches have been resolved via reporting that avoids complicated jargon
  • Provides data analysis for senior management that shows how cybersecurity impacts business
  • On-demand Reports with editable placeholders for comments and recommendations
  • Define, enforce and report on security policies within your current systems — satisfying both external regulations and internal policies


Real-time threat detection and remediation using Big Data.

  • Alert Inbox groups together security alerts for quicker triage and learns what is important to you, so you can work more efficiently
  • Powerful enough to monitor every system on your network, without breaking the bank (pun intended)
  • Lightning-fast event processing to quickly interpret threats, reach resolutions, and report their results
  • Streamlined event response and resolution workflow, so you won’t have to hire more people to manage your growing security needs


Let our experts keep watch on your behalf

  • Guardian is staffed by security experts that will help monitor your network and alert you when they see a potential threat
  • A structured and  supported approach to on-boarding
  • 24/7 network monitoring
  • Guardian can make the difference between a security fire drill and a full system breach

REAL WORLD EXAMPLE: The Guardian team saw a spike in network traffic that looked like a DDOS Attack while monitoring a customer’s network, so they reached out personally to the CIO to notify him of the potential threat. DefenseStorm ingested 9 million events in just 9 minutes, allowing the customer to fully understand what was happening and determine the scope of the incident. The result: incident was investigated and remediated within a matter of hours with no security ramifications.


Scalable solution that evolves with Financial Institution needs

  • Transforms complex and unstructured security event data from disparate systems into meaningful, actionable information
  • Frequent, hassle-free updates without additional cost, software downloads or hardware changes
  • Set monthly cost that doesn’t change based on how much data you use
  • A virtual storm of data points can be quickly interpreted and acted upon
  • Speed and power without the high cost of data centers, hardware and hiring additional IT resources


A community of security experts

  • Leverage community knowledge for progressively smarter solutions
  • Learn what like-minded thinkers have to say about security tools, processes and event responses
  • Discover DefenseStorm best practices, get system notifications and request product updates

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