Let our experts keep watch on your behalf

  • Our Threat Ready Active Compliance (TRAC) Team is staffed by security experts that will help monitor your network and alert you when they see a potential threat
  • A structured and supported approach to on-boarding
  • 24/7 network monitoring
  • TRAC can make the difference between a security fire drill and a full system breach


Our TRAC Team saw a spike in network traffic that looked like a DDOS Attack while monitoring a customer’s network, so they reached out personally to the CIO to notify him of the potential threat.

DefenseStorm ingested 9 million events in just 9 minutes, allowing the customer to fully understand what was happening and determine the scope of the incident.

The result:

The incident was investigated and remediated within a matter of hours with no security ramifications.

Scalability that evolves with financial institution needs

  • Transforms complex and unstructured security event data from disparate systems into meaningful, actionable information
  • Frequent, hassle-free updates without additional cost, software downloads or hardware changes
  • Pricing based on your asset size, not the amount of data ingested, so you can cover everything
  • A virtual storm of data points can be quickly interpreted and acted upon
  • Speed and power without the high cost of data centers, hardware and hiring additional IT resources

Community intelligence

A community of financial institutions and cybersecurity experts

  • Leverage community knowledge for progressively smarter cybersecurity & cybercompliance practices
  • Learn what like-minded thinkers have to say about keeping financial institutions safe and sound
  • Access our Knowledge Center for best practices and DefenseStorm GRID updates
Joseph Demarest, Assistant Director, FBI Cybersecurity Division

"You're going to be hacked—have a plan."

Joseph Demarest, Assistant Director, FBI Cybersecurity Division

The DefenseStorm GRID: Co-Managed Threat-Ready Cybersecurity + Active Compliance

Your team + the TRAC Team

Your team and DefenseStorm’s TRAC (Threat Ready Active Compliance) Team use the DefenseStorm GRID together.Be as involved as you’d like in day-to-day activities. The TRAC Team carefully curates the threat feeds and triggers most relevant to banks and credit unions to meet compliance & security needs

Configured for you

TRAC leverages the DefenseStorm GRID library to create cybersecurity triggers specific to your bank or credit union network and policies.

See everything, prioritize what matters most

TRAC curates triggers to prioritize the most important indicators of compromise. Machine Learning and Rich Context help reduce the number of alerts and false positives while also increasing relevancy.

The visibility and understanding you need

You see the same console and dashboards our TRAC Team uses, which facilitates co-managed coverage and efficiency.

Cybersecurity & cybercompliance in one real time system of record

DefenseStorm GRID serves as your system of record for your cybersecurity and cybercompliance postures in real time, all the time. Task Schedules, workflows, audit trails and evidentiary proof reflect industry regulations as well as your own policies.

“Securing information has become less about having firewalls & policies and more about complex interactions among people, machines and processes.”


Slash reporting time, even for audits and examinations

The DefenseStorm GRID continuously collects all compliance-related evidence and automatically generates corresponding reports to prove compliance to internal and external stakeholders as well as regulators.

Guidance to align risk with cybersecurity maturity

The DefenseStorm GRID continuously guides you to align your cybersecurity risk with your Cybersecurity Maturity Level. Your Inherent Risk Profile and Maturity Levels will change as threats, vulnerabilities and operating environments change.

The DefenseStorm GRID will help you re-evaluate these values periodically, particularly when actions will affect your Inherent Risk Profile, such as when launching new products or services or when adding new connections.