A message from DefenseStorm Chief Executive Officer

To our customers:

I know you are being inundated with information about COVID-19 and all the things your partners, vendors, suppliers, and others are doing to address the pandemic which is why I wanted to avoid adding one more email to your inbox. Instead, we are providing this dedicated page you can visit at your leisure and learn more about what DefenseStorm is doing to ramp up our efforts to prevent cybersecurity attacks due to the increased risks associated with the COVID-19 pandemic.

  • DefenseStorm mandated a full-time work from home policy for all our associates earlier this month. Keeping our teams safe and healthy in this environment is of paramount importance while enabling us to continue to provide for our customers.
  • DefenseStorm has loaded all known malicious COVID-19 domains and known Command and Control (C2) servers into our Threat Match threat intelligence database, and our TRAC team is actively searching for those domains across all our clients.
  • DefenseStorm continues to monitor the data from all clients looking for all variants of ransomware.
  • Our TRAC team has increased our monitoring for remote connection events, and our security analysts are spending more time researching the increased remote connectivity and new assets that our clients are using as they have increased the number of their employees who are working from home.
  • Our Cyber Threat team is researching new ways of identifying phishing attempts that use COVID-19 topics and information as bait.

We continue to monitor potential new challenges that may arise and remain committed to providing the safety and soundness you have come to rely on from DefenseStorm. I personally thank you for trusting us with your cybersecurity and cybercompliance needs throughout this unprecedented time and always.


Steve Soukup
Chief Executive Officer