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Author | Sean Cassidy

An expert in software development and cloud computing, Sean has been a thought leader in the information security community for more than a decade.  As an engineer and leader who builds the right products the right way, Sean is an innovator in connecting SaaS development with infrastructure security. He built the video transcoding system for Limelight Networks and worked on antivirus, intrusion prevention and Virtual Private Network (VPN) capabilities in Cisco’s Adaptive Security Appliance (ASA) Firewall.  Sean holds a Master of Computer Engineering from Rochester Institute of Technology, and is the author of numerous open source projects.  Sean also is a frequent speaker at top-tier IT and security conferences, and writes a blog about programming and startups at


Moving to the cloud makes sense for pretty much every organization out there, especially those who wish to utilize best in breed security practices. However, moving to the cloud doesn't automatically mean you're secure; in fact, default settings should actually be avoided. Join me as I dive into sec... Read more


We're always told: don't roll your own crypto! This has always felt like a kind of abstinence-only education to me. Of course, it's correct, that almost certainly if you decide to use your own encryption mechanism instead of say, TLS, that you'll almost certainly do a worse job than the IETF. You... Read more


It used to be easier to prevent getting hacked. We used to just firewall off our networks, install some antivirus software and call it a day. That's not how it is anymore. You have to assume your defenses will be breached. You have to assume that you'll be hacked. What do you do?... Read more


This past weekend I had the distinct honor of presenting at ShmooCon. It was a privilege and honor to do so and here are some of my thoughts on what it was like returning a decade later.... Read more

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