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Author | Rani Khan

Rani Khan - Praesidio

Rani Khan is a technology industry veteran, go-to-market strategist and marketing instigator. She brings 15 years of experience that spans SaaS CRM, digital marketing, and networking. She cut her teeth in the Seattle start-up scene before joining CDK Global, formerly Cobalt (an ADP Company), where she led marketing strategy for CDK Global clients, such as General Motors, Volkswagen, BMW and MINI. Rani holds a degree in business from University of Washington.


When you think of banking cybersecurity, you probably think of the threats as big bank problems. Well, that's not how it's looking these days. Attacks upon small banks and credit unions don’t typically make the news, but they are real threats just the same. Small, community FIs have their worries, t... Read more


In 2016, we saw no shortage of cyber attacks, from Verizon and Snapchat, to even the IRS and Department of Justice. Millions of records were compromised and millions of dollars were spent dealing with the aftermath of these breaches. It is no surprise that the need for cybersecurity is at an all-tim... Read more


Ransomware is a global threat, but reports indicate that the U.S. is a primary target these days. While many in the IT/security world undoubtedly are well versed on the subject, many employees and the C-suite are not. Here are a few high level details to be aware of. ... Read more

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