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Author | Amanda Barfield

Amanda Barfield

Amanda Barfield is a Technical Writer who specializes in composing highly technical information into clear, simple documentation. She has experience in a wide variety of fields such as legal, non-profit, journalism, disaster recovery, and finally cybersecurity.  She thrives off the fast paced environment of a cybersecurity company and the importance of the field. Amanda has a BA degree in Professional and Technical Writing from Indiana University.


Are you wondering what updating your resume has to do with cyber security? Well, quite a lot actually. While resumes are used to attract recruiters and potential employers, they also attract some unwanted guests - hackers. Due to the amount of personal information on a resume, they are perfect for s... Read more


Part of penetration testing is the testing of applications. This is an important aspect of penetration testing because it allows you to test the applications used on your network and throughout your company. It includes the testing of web and standard apps, looking for vulnerabilities, and even some... Read more


Penetration testing is a simulated scenario of potential network breaches.  It does not take down any systems or infrastructures. You hire a third party to come in and safely attempt to access your network using both internal and external sources. They act as a hacker would, trying to gain access to... Read more


According to the U.S. Census Bureau, the percentage of online shopping has increased from 7.6% in 2016, to 8.5% of all retail sales. Despite the security risks associated with shopping online, the amount of online shoppers continues to steadily increase. Just about everybody has bought something onl... Read more

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