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DefenseStorm was founded in the spirit of collaboration, with an experienced team of executives and technology experts from the financial and security industries working side-by-side to create truly innovative solutions for their customers. Today, this atmosphere of “smart sharing” permeates every facet of the company—from admin to engineer to executive, all of our team members are driven to provide next-level solutions and unparalleled service.

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At DefenseStorm, you can build something new that helps us protect the world against cyber threats. It’s hard work but we love it. It’s a journey that requires lots of talent, a little attitude, and a commitment to our customers — and to each other.


DefenseStorm was founded on the concept of innovation. Our engineers love nothing more than tackling a problem that has never been solved before. They are just as comfortable writing SQL as they are designing an impeccable User Interface. But our engineers aren’t the only ones innovating - from our fearless leadership team, the marketing gurus, to our “won’t stop-can’t stop” customer focused sales team, this truly is an amazing space to work in. Plus, our downtown Seattle digs scream innovation. We make sure the creative rock-star in you isn’t stifled by the confines of a desk. There are lounges with nooks and crannies to hole up in so you can get away from your desk and have the space you need to be creative.


Yup… that’s one of our office dogs. We live by a “work hard, play hard” motto here. Our wellness plan is a little more unconventional than your average company’s. Of course it includes your typical benefits package – but we feel no wellness plan is complete without a stocked bar, a fridge and 4 shelfs full of healthy snacks and treats, weekly catered lunches, and the fanciest espresso machine serving up your favorite coffee pick-me up all day. We also enjoy a bike room with showers and towel service, a rooftop deck with shuffle board, and oh yeah did we mention unlimited vacation?


We take cybersecurity seriously. We are proud of the fact that we have built something from the ground up that nobody else has done before. We treat every aspect of this company like it’s our own – because it is. We’re a mix of all races, genders, and personalities - grounded in the belief that we have come together to execute something great. If you join this team we’ll expect you to think like an owner; execute with speed and precision; respect your teammates; and embrace our fast paced, exciting, and ever changing environment.


Using the awesome product we built to debug new product features is fun because the tool is so fast and we find it highly amusing to use the product to help the product. Plus, our new hire training entails watching Mr. Robot. We also enjoy team activities like watching the blue angels on the rooftop deck, the occasional late-night board game, and Friday beer meetings. We think best either sprawled out on the couch, pulling a stool up to the bar, throwing the football around the office with the CEO, or chilling with our office mascot - Riley the dog.

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