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Archive | August 2017


Many small to medium businesses employ network topologies with a “hard, crusty” exterior, but have a soft center or core. These networks employ firewalls and intrusion detection/prevention systems on the edge to keep out cybercriminals and script kiddies which are seen to be the most prominent threa... Read more


One of the most important ways DefenseStorm demonstrates to its customers the security, confidentiality, availability and processing integrity of the Data Security Platform is by complying with the rigorous SOC 2 framework.  SOC stands for ‘Service Organization Controls’ and is governed by the AICPA... Read more


Part of penetration testing is the testing of applications. This is an important aspect of penetration testing because it allows you to test the applications used on your network and throughout your company. It includes the testing of web and standard apps, looking for vulnerabilities, and even some... Read more

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