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Archive | November 2016


Over the past year we've spoken to many companies expressing their concern with cloud security. All too often, what we hear are concerns that are able to be debunked or at the very least, are no longer legitimate concerns. Join me as I dispel a some common cloud security misconceptions and explain w... Read more


New York Department of Financial Services adopts first-in-the-nation cybersecurity regulations to protect consumers and financial institutions. New regulations go into effect January 1, 2017 in an effort to ensure the safety of New York State’s financial services industry. Learn the latest regulatio... Read more


Ransomware is a global threat, but reports indicate that the U.S. is a primary target these days. While many in the IT/security world undoubtedly are well versed on the subject, many employees and the C-suite are not. Here are a few high level details to be aware of. ... Read more


Executive cybersecurity reporting is becoming an incredibly important component of any good information security program. The problem is, compiling all the information and statistics on a regular basis can prove very time consuming and error-prone. Furthermore, these reports often have to contend wi... Read more

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