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Archive | November 2015


We're closing out our Season 1 Mr. Robot recaps with a closer look at lockpicking and encryption. It's bitter sweet for us since we've had such a good time reviewing each weeks hacking and technology exploits that we can't wait for Season 2.... Read more


Finding threats is hard. Signature-based methods, like anti-virus, can’t keep up with the exploding rates of new malware and cyberattacks. Traditional intrusion detection systems typically rely on identifying attacks attempting to penetrate your network through signature-based methods as well making... Read more


This week our Mr. Robot recap will cover Episode 7 and 8 including technical reviews of topics like air gapped machine, honeypots and even pet microchips. Mr. Robot really does run the gamut of technology but how much of it is real and how much of it is made for Hollywood? Dive on in to find out!... Read more


Welcome to Logging 101. Logging is an important part of IT operations. Every operating system, network device, and application is capable of producing logs. However, many organizations don’t take advantage of the rich data that can be obtained from logging. Here are a few ways in which logging can b... Read more

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