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Archive | October 2015


So, what do Fitbit and our Mr. Robot re-cap have in common this week? If you remember episode 6 of USA’s hit show then you may have guessed we’re talking about the epic bluetooth hack. Michael Oldright, member of DefenseStorm’s Guardian Team, and I discuss how Elliot hacked into the jail and the pro... Read more


As Vice President of Customer Solutions, I travel the country and speak with small to medium sized Community Banks, Credit Unions, and other Financial Institutions (FI) regarding their cybersecurity practices and needs. Based on my time in the field I’ve identified three common mistakes that most sm... Read more


With so much focus on cybersecurity in the media and increased cyberattacks isn't it time to have the cybersecurity talk with your boss? The answer is most definitely "yes" but the sitting down to have the talk can be daunting unless you are fully prepared. We've developed some tips to help guide yo... Read more

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